Welcome to ‘Tales of Berlin’

Welcome folks, to our new tabletop project where we will be playing The Dresden Files RPG based on The Dresden Files bookseries by Jim Butcher. Imagine a world where Harry Potter meets The Wolf Among Us meets Max Payne and you get a general idea of what the world is like. It’s urban fantasy with a heavy dose of detective noir with ghosts, wizards, werewolfs, demons, faries and much much more. Knowledge of the bookseries is not required to enjoy the RPG as our setting (contrary to the books) are placed in europe.

Our first real session is going to be the group sitting down to create/finalize our characters and the creation of the city of Berlin as the hub for all of our activities.

The general idea with this project is to handle the fact that alot of our group’s abilities in regards to time commitment are changing. To combat this, this project will be more of an episodic take where we will have different GMs and players for the different stories thus allowing the people who have the time to invest to play, making the campaign flexible and modular – much like the books.


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